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This blog is for you. While I very much hope to find others who have interest and connections to these many lines, you are the common thread, the tie that binds all of these lines together. These are your roots, biologically and emotionally.

I would gladly start blogs for each of these 9 lines so that each family is highlighted and the McConnells don’t get bored hearing about the Myrices, and vice versa (and etc), but for now, for my sanity, this seems like the best idea.  A catch-all.

At the start of this, I don’t have a strategic plan for how my posts will go, who will be covered when, or why. I hope that my efforts are appreciated by at least one of you, someday (doesn’t every family historian/genealogist on any level?). Cherish your roots. They are a part of you whether you realize it or not. I hope that you will know your family and their many stories, family and stories that I was not raised with, that I often had to find for myself.

Let’s go on a journey. An adventure. Won’t it be cool to know how long you’ve been here, how deep your American roots are? What cultural backgrounds your ancestors possessed? What historical events they lived through and how it affected them? I hope to discover all of these answers for you. I hope to find the stories of these many people, not just the mundane dates and places. All of the people I will research and document with this blog have culminated in you becoming you. And you are amazing.