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Myrice. Ever heard the name before? I’ve found several variations on the name, but so far, they’re all part of one Myrice family.

My great grandmother was born a Myrice, and the name is rather interesting and distinct, but I knew no one from my great grandmother’s family. A few years ago, I made contact, via the internet, with some Myrice cousins. Since then we have exchanged loads of info and I have been blessed by their branch’s photo collection. Sadly, my branch’s photos are still absent, or potentially, nonexistent. They also sent me a transcription of the Will of the oldest Myrice ancestor we have been able to find. His name, in the Will, is GEORGE MYRISE (it is spelled MYERICE consistently by the Registrar). The Will is dated January 2, 1797! I contacted the York County, Pennsylvania Archives, and was sent copies of not only the Will, but also the accompanying Inventory. Here is my attempt at an accurate transcription of the Will:

Cover: Nov. 20th 1799
Last Will & Testament of George Myerice dcd [deceased]. Proved Nov. 20th 1799 both Exrs [executors] Sworn Inventory in Two Months of Reckoning in a Year or when loyally thereunto required.
[signed J Barritz (?)]
Inventory filed same day
Letters Testamentary granted to Ers [Executors] same Day with Copy annexed.
[signed J Barritz (?)]
Recorded in Vol. 10 page 117 H

Page 1: In The Name of God Amen
I George Myrise of Germany Township in the County of York and state of Pennsylvania being weak in body but of sound mind and Disposing Memory do this second Day of January in the Year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred and Ninety seven Make and publish this Instrument of writing as [and] for my last will and testament, that is to say, first of all I order [and] allow all my just debts to be well and truly paid.
Secondly, I will and Bequeath to my son John Myrise the sum of sixty pounds, and to my son Adam Myrise the sum of sixty pounds to wit part of the money in due me by Jacob Long, by bonds, my son John receiving the money of the first Bond unpaid at my Decease, and my son Adam the second and so on alternately untill their sums Respectively be paid.
Thirdly, I Give and Bequeath to my Grand Daughter Christina Gray Daughter of John Gray the sum of thirty pounds to be paid her when she arrives at age, with Lawfull Interest from my Decease to be paid out of the money now in my Chest if not lent out, if lent out then only to bear interest from the time it can be got in.
Fourthly, I Give Grant [and] Bequeath to my Grand Daughters Elizabeth and Catherine [Christine crossed out] Sponsaller and to Each of them one Cow now in my possession, and to my Grand Children Lovis George and Rachiel Sponsaller and to Each of them one sheep now in my possession.

Page 2: Fifthly, I Give Grant to my son in Law Goerge Sponsaller and my Daughter Margaret Sponsaller wife of the said George my Dwelling plantation in Germany township adjoining to Lands of Thomas Biddle Petter Busse Lands of McSherry [and] Shriver [and] Jacob Little Containing Eighty Acres more or less to be holden of them their heirs [and] assigns xxxxxx [cannot read what was crossed out] or the survivor of them their heirs [and] assigns for Ever for their former Care and attendance of me these six years past, and for the keeping and attendance of me until my Decease I Give and Bequeath to my son in Law George Sponsaller the sum of Thirty pounds and the Interest thereon in the hands of Adam Winteroth Esq and Abraham Kuntz, Also the remainder of the money Coming from Jacob Long after payment of my two sons the sums aforesaid, to be holden of him absolutely he nevertheless making no Charge for my funeral [?]
Sixthly, I order will and allow that my household Furniture be Equally Divided amongst my three Children john [and] Adam Myrise and Margaret Sponsaller
Seventhly, I Give and Bequeath all and singular the money [and] Bonds not herein Bequeathed to be Equally Divided amongst the Childrem of my Daughter Margaret Sponsaller towit Elizabeth Catherine [Christina crossed out] Lovis George [and] Rachael Sponsaller to be paid them as they arrive at age or marry without Interest to be holden of them absolutely

Page 3: And Lastly, I Do Constitute ordain and appoint my son in Law George Sponsaller Executor and my Daughter Margaret Sponsaller Executrix of this my Last will and testament in trust to Execute the same Agreeable to the true Intent and meaning thereof In Testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand [and] seal the day and Year first above written
Signed published pronounced [and] Declared by George Myrise as [and] for his last will and testament in our presence who were in presence of Each other and witnesses at his request
George [his marks] Myrise
N[?] the name Christina being twice struct out and the name Catherine Inserted before signing
[signed Henry Klein]
[signed Thomas Bittel]
[signed George Garner]

York County – Before me Jacob Barnitz Register for the probate of wills and granting Letters of Administration in and for the County of York in the State of Pennsylvania Personally came Henry Klein and Thomas Bittel Two of the Subscribing witnesses to the foregoing Instrument of writing and the said Henry Klein on hi Solemn affirmation and he the said Thomas Bittel on his Solemn Oath Do severally say that they were personally present and saw and heard the above named George Myerice make his mark unto and Seal and Publish the foregoing Instrument of writing as and for his Last Will [and] Testament, and that at the time of the doing thereof

Page 4: the said George Myerice was of Sound and disposing Mind Memory and Understanding to the best of their knowledge and belief; and that they subscribed their names thereto as witnesses in the Presence of the said Testator and at his request and further that they also saw George Garner the other witness who is now deceased Sign his name thereto as witness at the same time.
[signed Henry Klein]
[signed Thomas Bittel]
Sworn [and] affirmed [and] Subscribed before me at York the 20th Day of November AD 1799
J. Barnitz Regr [Registrar]