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So now we have an idea as to what George left behind after his death in 1799, we can reassemble the children and grandchildren he left behind at that time, but where does George’s tale start?

A Johan Georg Meyreiss is found on a list of passengers aboard the ship Friendship, under Captain Charles Ross, arriving in Philadelphia in October 1754. It originated from Amsterdam, carrying passengers from Franconia and Hesse.  At that day and time, male immigrants over the age of 16 were taken directly to the court house, the state house, or even the local magistrate’s home, and obliged to take the Oath of Allegiance. We know then, that the Johan Georg Meyreiss listed on that passenger list, and most likely our George Myrise, was at least 16 years old on the 21st of October 1754 when the ship’s passengers were qualified, giving us an estimated birthdate of 1738 or earlier.

You can see the list of the “List of Foreigners Imported in the Ship Friendship, Capt. Charles Ross, From Amsterdam. Qualified 21 Oct 1754” on the website Internet Archive. The list starts on page 441, with Johan Georg Meyreiss’ name found on page 442 near the end of the list.